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We offer customised export financing solutions for your business. We believe one size DOES NOT fit all and each business has unique financing needs.

Solutions for Exporters & Buyers

Non-Recourse Financing.

Recourse Financing

Reverse Factoring

Order Financing

Global (Group Level) Factoring Limits

How Export

2 Invoice Acceptance by Buyer

We obtain digital acceptance from the Buyer on invoice and shipment

1 Exporter Ships out goods

Initiate shipment and invoice your customer. We purchase this Invoice

3 NuPhi shall Fund upto 90% of Invoice Value

We finance upto 90% of Invoice to your account. On invoice due date, Buyer directly pays us the Full Invoice Value. NuPhi then releases the balance payment (net of fees) to you

Financing Exporters


  • Invoice-level Financing?
  • How fast can I get paid?
  • Collateral?
  • Invoice size?
  • Documentation
  • Protection against Buyer Bankruptcy


  • Yes. We do this for a living
  • Within 48 hours
  • No
  • Anything >$10,000
  • Digital. Over a cup of tea
  • Enabling peace of mind


  • What’s that? Let’s start with your Balance Sheet
  • Your guess is as good as mine
  • Give me all
  • Company-wide CC limits (ofcourse with all guarantees and collateral)
  • Lengthy. Few Weeks. Sign on every line
  • No


  • Let the Banks offer it first
  • Let’s skip the question
  • Sometimes
  • Smaller limits, at times unsecured.
  • Better. Still need a few Days.
  • No

Fully Digital Solution