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Does NuPhi require No Objection Certificate from Local Banker?

We DONOT require any No Objection Certificate from Exporter's local banks / Lenders. However, funding against purchased Invoices shall be done only in the EEFC Account held with Exporter's primary working capital Bank Account.
While Exporter may reconfirm this with their Auditors, in our view since NuPhi undertakes completely non-recourse financing / factoring, this is pure sale of receivables whereby the transaction shall result as reduction in trade receivables and increase in cash balances on the books of Accounts of the Exporter.
Rest assured once the requisite information is shared with us on Export Trades, the process for availing limits is straight forward. Documentation is simple and transaction specific, only for purchase of specific invoice to the concerned Buyer (as approved by NuPhi). Entire process should take days or weeks and surely not month for availing first disbursement.
We are a team of ex-bankers and appreciate the confidentiality of Information. Presently, we are working with numerous exporters across India and we are only in the business of Financing / Factoring.
We prefer minimum invoice value of USD 10,000.
Exporters who have past trading history with Buyers of minimum 1 year.
We prefer non-perishables, however specific request for Services Exports can be evaluated excluding project related exports.