Get hassle free export finance
without recourse!

Get non-recourse financing against export receivables to developed countries. We deliver export factoring through our multiple lender partners in India & Overseas

Minimum PO or Invoice Value should be USD 20,000. Trading History with Customer should be minimum 1 year.


No collateral required

Non-recourse funding

Off-balance sheet finance

100% Credit protection against default by buyer

Quick and hassle-free documentation

What is Export Factoring?

Export Factoring is a Working Capital financing solution where Factoring Company purchases Invoice from the Exporter (Seller) and provides funding to the Exporter

Generally about 80-85% of the Invoice Value is funded to the Exporter where payment risk is on the Buyer and no collateral is required from the Exporter. This is a transaction specific Working Capital Funding provided to the Exporter. Funding is provided against acceptance from the Buyer. The Partner may or may not take Credit Insurance against funding provided to the Exporter.

NuPhi has tie-ups with multiple Factoring Companies based in India & Overseas who provide Export Factoring to Indian Exporters. Soon NuPhi shall directly fund from its own balance sheet to Exporters.

How it Works?


NuPhi / Our Partner purchases Export Invoice from the Seller (Exporter in India) and obtains acceptance on Invoice from the Buyer directly


NuPhi arranges to fund upto 85% of Invoice Value in the Account of the Exporter (EEFC Account) against purchased Invoice (net of fees)


On due date, Buyer directly pays NuPhi /Our Partner the Full Invoice Value


NuPhi, releases balance payment net of fees / interest charges to the Buyer.

Overall all-inclusive pricing charged by NuPhi/Our Partner ranges from 8% p.a. to 12% p.a. depending upon the creditworthiness of the Buyer, Geography, underlying goods, volume,etc.


NuPhi is an online platform connecting Small and Mid-Sized businesses with Factoring Companies to raise funding for their exports. We are applying the latest technology towards developing better ways to deliver working capital finance.

While we may have to meet you to explain the genesis of "Nu+Phi" (pronounced as "New+Fy") and how it happened with us, for now we can share that NuPhi is an endeavor to bring new techniques in the way credit delivery is done while retaining fundamentals of old tried and tested means. It's our way to build a "New Finance era".

Why NuPhi?

Easy Application. Quick Disbursement. No Collateral.

Simply share details of your Export transactions and basis the credit worthiness of your Buyers, NuPhi shall arrange to fund your Export Invoices post Shipment. NuPhi provides working capital for exports without any collateral or financial appraisal of your/exporter's business.

Approach Multiple Lenders at one go

Reach out to several lenders at once and get multiple loan offers. Reduce cost of availing credit since multiple lenders compete to fund your requirement.

Digital & Quick Onboarding

Entire onboarding process is digital and we do not need lengthy paper work to provide funding against export Invoices. We value the confidentiality of your business and we contact your customers only limited to confirmation of relevant invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions

NuPhi has tie-ups with multiple Factoring Companies based in India & Overseas who provide Export Factoring to Indian Exporters. Soon NuPhi shall directly fund from its own balance sheet to Exporters.
We DONOT require any No Objection Certificate from Exporter’s local banks / Lenders. However, funding against purchased Invoices shall be done only in the EEFC Account held with Exporter’s primary working capital Bank Account.
While Exporter may reconfirm this with their Auditors, in our view since NuPhi undertakes completely non – recourse financing / factoring, this is pure sale of receivables whereby the transaction shall result as reduction in trade receivables and increase in cash balances on the books of Accounts of the Exporter.
Rest assured once the requisite information is shared with us on Export Trades, the process for availing limits is straight forward. Documentation is simple and transaction specific, only for purchase of specific invoice to the concerned Buyer (as approved by NuPhi). Entire process should take days or weeks and surely not month for availing first disbursement.
We are a team of ex-bankers and appreciate the confidentiality of Information. Presently, we are working with numerous exporters across India and we are only in the business of Financing / Factoring.
We prefer minimum Invoice value of USD 20,000.
Exporters based in India, who have past trading history with Buyers of minimum 6 months.
We prefer non – perishables, however specific request for Services Exports can be evaluated excluding project related exports.

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